3D Gait Analysis: Gain More from Your Running

Do you love to run or walk, but feel like crawling during or after your activity? Holland Hospital Sports Medicine’s 3D Gait Analysis examines your personal running or walking form, so you can move with greater confidence and less discomfort.

3D Gait Analysis is proven to both identify and prevent running injuries, and Holland Hospital is the only provider of this breakthrough technology in West Michigan. Discover how you can put more gain and less pain into your running (or walking) here.

Fine Tune Your Form

While running is healthy, it can also be hard on you physically. That’s why good running form is so important.

Your gait is how you carry and move your body during running or walking. One of the most sophisticated gait analysis systems available to runners, 3D Gait is a great way to understand and improve your form.

Many issues, including joint inflexibility, limited range of motion and muscle strength imbalances, can cause gait patterns that put you at an increased risk for injury. Gait analysis is an advanced system used to pinpoint your biomechanical issues.

During your analysis, three cameras and 35 body sensors capture and create an exact computer model of your stride. Relevant gait characteristics are then identified and evaluated by our fellowship-trained sports medicine doctor.

This video shows how 3D Gait Analysis helped West Michigan runner Nicole DeNooyer keep running strong.

Avoid Running Injuries

With every step, your body supports a force that’s equal to two-and-a-half times your body weight. The demanding loads placed on a runner’s body means that even small differences in running patterns can lead to pain and injury. Research has shown that 3D assessments are the most accurate way to detect the small differences that can lead to big problems down the road.

Invest in Yourself

Like nutrition and conditioning, understanding your gait is vital to your success. No physician referral is needed for 3D Gait Analysis. While this screening is not covered by insurance, 3D Gait Analysis can be a valuable investment toward injury prevention and a lifetime of running enjoyment.

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We can help you hit the ground running, pain free!



  • Nicole

    From Running With Pain to Pain Free

    3D Gait - Running Without Pain - Nicole's Story Two

    3D Gait patient Nicole DeNooyer shares her experience with pain while running, and how her 3D Gait Analysis at Holland Hospital helped strengthen her muscles to get back out running safer and stronger than ever.

  • 3D Gait Analysis: Run safer, stronger and longer

    3D Gait Analysis: Run safer, stronger and longer

    3D Gait Analysis is proven to identify and prevent running injuries. Holland Hospital is the only provider of 3D Gait Analysis in West Michigan and one of only forty providers worldwide.