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  • From eating right to staying active to nurturing a new hobby, Dr. Matthew Hilton, Holland Hospital Family Medicine, and Certified Medical Exercise Spe

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  • It’s my privilege to kick off Holland Hospital’s Sports Medicine blog on behalf of an incredible team of professionals who dedicate their careers to h

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  • The most common reason people seek medical care isn’t diabetes, cancer or even heart disease. According to the National Institutes of Health, it’s pai

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  • In our rapidly advancing world, robotics play an important – if often unseen – role in our everyday lives including the field of medicine, assisting w

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  • Last month I talked about pitch counts, rest days and overuse injuries. In part 2 of my blog series on Throwing Injuries, I want to address the multip

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  • If you have elbow pain with throwing, there are things that a player can do. The most obvious treatment for overuse is rest, especially from the activ

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  • This is part one of three part series on throwing injuries. Risk is part of sports. Some injuries can happen in sports no matter what precautions are

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  • Tennis elbow is one of the most common injuries of the elbow but, despite the name, it's actually more common in non-tennis players than those wieldin

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  • As an athlete or active person, there is a good chance you have at least heard about or even experienced IT band syndrome. It is a common injury that

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  • Is someone you love putting exercise at the top of their 2018 resolutions? Does a family member, partner or friend have a specific fitness goal, or ju

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  • Some of the best memories I have as a student athlete are team dinners the night before big basketball games or track meets. As a former sprinter, I w

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