John Ludlow, MD: Men Have Hormones, Too

About this Podcast

About This Podcast

John Ludlow, MD, urologist with Western Michigan Urological Associates, delivers his speech, Men Have Hormones, Too, at Holland Hospital’s 2018 Get Hooked on Health Event.

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  • John Ludlow, MD

    John Ludlow

    John K. Ludlow, M.D. is a board-certified urologist with Western Michigan Urological Associates. He obtained his medical degree from the University of Southern California and completed his residency through Indiana University. Unique to only a few urology training programs in the country, Dr. Ludlow had the opportunity to develop skills under leading experts in prosthetic urology for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and incontinence. He continues to advance his knowledge and surgical skills with additional training in Urological Oncology and Reconstructive Urology.

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