Conquering Sleep Changes During MidLife

Conquering Sleep Changes During MidLife

Of all the changes happening during perimenopause and menopause, difficulty sleeping is one of the most common. Women may notice a difference as early as their late 30s.What feels like insomnia may actually be hormone changes disrupting sleep.

At any stage in life, lack of sleep slows metabolism, lowers sex drive and increases forgetfulness–of all the changes during menopause, controlling sleep could mend other symptoms disrupting your life like mental fogginess or mood changes.

One possible solution to conquering sleep is considering short-term hormone therapy (HT). One in every five women says that menopausal symptoms, such as night sweats, are severe enough to disrupt sleep. HT is also known to reduce hot flashes and help with vaginal symptoms during menopause.

To sustain quality of life and not disrupt it, consider a new nightly routine and stick with it:

  1. Lower the room temperature & take a hot bath

    These both lower your body temperature, signaling to the body that it’s time for bed.

  2. Buy new pajamas

    Wear clothing that absorbs sweat or breathable materials, such as long johns or gym shorts. They’ll help you stay dry during the night.

  3. Exercise

    Exercise will always be beneficial and improve sleep – at any point in life.

  4. Avoid caffeine after noon

  5. Maintain a consistent bed time and wake time

  6. Consider lavender

    The scent has been shown to help with sleep.

  7. Turn your clock around

    It often creates anxiety which further disrupts your sleep.

  8. Avoid “screen time” for at least 1-2 hours prior to bed

  9. And remember…the bedroom is for two things…

…one of which is sleep. Try to avoid reading, watching television, etc., while you are in bed

Stick with your new routine, but if you’re still having trouble sleeping the recommended eight hours, talk to you primary care physician about a referral to a sleep doctor or other alternatives that will induce a good night’s slumber.

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