Spine & Orthopedics

Holland Hospital Spine & Orthopedics has earned national recognition for superior treatment outcomes, leading-edge techniques and high patient satisfaction.

Our experienced team is dedicated to helping you enjoy an active lifestyle. Whether that means regaining mobility, performing daily tasks with less pain, returning to favorite recreational activities or participating in sports; your speedy recovery, rehabilitation and complete satisfaction are our top priorities.

From non-surgical sports medicine to advanced spine and orthopedic procedures you will benefit from our multidisciplinary approach to your care.

Helathgrades Top 100 Hospitals Orthopedic SurgeryOur specialists thoroughly diagnose and treat pain, strength, and mobility problems. Physicians and skilled therapists choose the best treatments for increasing your range of motion, building strength, improving flexibility, and increasing endurance. Drawing on the expertise of  a team of specialists, we collaborate with you. Your team may include your primary care physician, neurological surgeons, physiatrists and physical and occupational therapists. Working together, we provide a comprehensive treatment and recovery plan personalized just for you.

You can be assured of high quality, evidence-based care. Our performance scores place us among the top hospitals nationwide in terms of increased function, reduced pain, few to no complications and rapid return to activities.

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Orthopedics Coordinator
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Shoreline Orthopaedics
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